Established in 2014,  Discovery Edu Cove is a learning centre at the forefront of the tuition industry in Singapore. Besides offering a wide range of subjects, we also specialise in Creative & Situational Writing (English) , Complex Problem Solving and Science.

Our centre uses in-house material that is designed to follow the MOE Syllabus closely. Classes are conducted in small groups using curriculum that is updated regularly.

Our educators are professional, passionate and proficient. With extensive teaching experience, we offer quality tuition and enrichment programmes to bring out the best in every child. We aim to be your child’s learning specialist

We believe every child is special. Thus we use VAK (Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic) learning style analysis to understand how the child learns. Call us now at 66500646 or e-mail to find out more about our programmes or for a non-obligatory complimentary learning style analysis for your child.


  • Learn Through Play
  • Mutual Respect Among Trainers and Learners
  • Eliminate Rote Learning
  • Educating Through Friendship
  • Align with MOE philosophy
  • Cultivate Lifelong Learning
  • Learners Educated Through Their Individual Learning Style