We strive to bring the best out in your child, creating a nurturing and challenging educational environment that will ensure his/her academic success in school.

We aim to tap into the child’s well of creativity and stimulate interesting ideas from the inner thoughts. The writers will learn to develop interesting sentences with expressive, lucid and vivid descriptions.
Young learners will develop analytical skills and cultivate a greater interest in the subject. This will translate into an unquenchable desire for the learning of Mathematics.

Our Primary One Preparatory Class (English & Mathematics) aims to give your child who is in Kindergarten 2 a headstart to Primary One education. With our careful selection of course materials to ensure suitability for your child’s level. This course not only helps to prepare your child intellectually but also mentally and emotionally as they embark on the next phrase of their lives.
We offer interesting and enriching Holiday Programmes during the school holidays (June/November/December). For future updates on our Holiday Programmes, email us: