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About Superman Mental Arithmetic

Superman Mental Arithmetic was founded in 1982 and origin from Taiwan. For more then  we are always keep improving our teaching skills and bring the positive learning environments to our students. Every year, we also have trained a lot of students to become excellent player and mental arithmetic contestant in the Mental Arithmetic International Competition.

Abacus and Mental Arimetics

Mental arithmetic is a method of mental calculation performed by visualising and internalising the image of abacus in the mind. By learning mental arithmetic with abacus, students are learning more than just Math. The benefits of  such tactile and visual learning,are as follows:

  •  improved motor skills with the better hand and eyes coordination
  • stimulating the right brain and left brain at the same time with mental imagery
  • better memory and faster recalling through visualisation
  • improved concentration, focus, meticulousness and discipline through weekly progressive lesson
  • greater understanding in numerical concepts
  • cultivating interest in Math

Never Underestimate the Power of a 4-Year Old →→→

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Never Underestimate the Power of a 4-Year Old

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