No doubt my son, Allan, has been with Educove for a short period of time, but I do see improvements in him. He has gained more confidence in English Composition Writing and is able to articulate himself better now.


He used to feel that he could never do better than his friends in Mathematics. Now he can understand and tackle Math questions in a more logical manner. Recent assessments in school have shown improvement in his Math results too.


Now he is a more confident and happier child. I am glad that the teachers at Educove have changed Allan to be a more confident child. I look forward to greater achievements in Allan during the rest of his time in Educove. Thank you to Educove.

Sincerely from parents of Allan Kong

Mr & Mrs Kong


Teacher Kayal is a highly efficient Mathematics teacher. She gives her best in helping my daughter to score and she always enjoys her lesson. I’ve started to tuition in Term 3 of her Primary 5. Her SA1 result was a “C”, but after lessons with Teacher Kayal, her results improved a lot and she scored an “A”! Her confidence in Math grew tremendously. I am very grateful of her for helping my daughter succeed in Math and helping her achieve an “A*” in PSLE. Thank you!


— Mr and Mrs Goh (Parents of Amelia)


Naomi has been taking Creative Writing Lessons from Mr Moonshee since Primary 1 and we are very pleased with the steady progress that she has made. Mr Moon is very patient and understanding. His lessons are always fun and we always receive positive feedback from Naomi. We are confident that Naomi will continue to blossom under his care. Thank you very much!


Mrs Chua


Teacher Sam is the nicest Math teacher I ever had. At first, I was finding problem sums challenging. However, she taught me techniques to understand the questions and i could draw out the models or write out the ratios easily to solve the questions. Math is now my favourite subject. Thank you teacher Sam.


— Camry





Lee Xian is an awesome teacher. She makes lesson fun and interesting and i enjoy attending her class. By teaching us exam techniques such as highlighting the keywords and understanding graphs and tables, I am able to understand what the question wants and answer to it more accurately.  She also explained questions thoroughly and systematically. That had improved my answering skills for section B a lot and I was able to complete the questions faster.  Her notes, filled with keywords and related examples, make my revision in Science so much easier. By the next exam, I had improved by more than 10 marks. 


— Erica


My daughter Jelaine Ow has been attending creative writing classes for one term at Discovery Educove. She enjoys every lesson with the teachers who are friendly and approachable.


I can see an improvement in her writing although it has only been 3 months of lessons. Jelaine has learned to gather her writing ideas using mind-mapping and is thereafter able to pen down her thoughts in a more organized manner.

Her school teachers at SACPS also have positive comments on her daily writing assignments. I hope she will be able to learn more useful ideas, vocabulary, interesting phrases and gain a good command of the English language with the teachers in the upcoming sessions.

— Moon Ng


As a mother of a 13 year old child, I hope that my daughter would score well for her subjects. My daughter had done very well in Math since her primary school days and I believed that she could cope with her work in secondary school. However, her grades are not as good as before. This is the first time she has joined Discovery Educove via her friend’s recommendation. It is approximately two months since she joined the tuition centre and she enjoys being part of the classes and she likes the way the lessons are delivered by the teachers. The lessons are effective and engaging and the teachers are very patient and experienced.  I think Discovery Educove is going to do her good and continue to improve her grades.


— Mdm Toh, Parent of Jing Ying (Sec 1)




Discovery Educove teachers are dedicated and highly experienced tutors in the field of their expertise. Being with them since my primary school days, my grades have significantly improved over the years. The mind intriguing questions that the teachers posed us in class have exposed us to a wider scope of possible questions that may appear during school or national examinations.  The teachers push us to think beyond the conventional ways of solving a question, thus allowing us to solve it with ease. Overall, I would highly recommend Discovery Edcove.


—Cheong Yao Sen


We are honoured to write a testimonial for Teacher Moonshee who is an outstanding teacher who has dedicated years to educating our 3 children. He is remarkable, without a doubt.  Mr Moonshee is intelligent, thoughtful, and his personality can light up the classroom. He can be upbeat in his comments but also has a gentle way of getting our children to understand and experience studies in another way. Thank you for your expertise and ability to make our children to think differently. You are amazing!


Mr and Mrs Simon


Teacher Karuna is a very helpful and caring teacher. She will always help us by teaching us how to do it and would always ask us to highlight clues. She would always write down the vocabulary meanings on the whiteboard and teach us the meaning and anything we do know not or understand. She would always teach us until we understood


— Jamie, P2


Teacher Anu is a very kind, thoughtful teacher and I truly appreciate all the work and effort you’ve done to help my two daughters. You have made the lessons fun for the students and helped them to learn effectively. Thank you and keep up all the good work and effort.


— Ms Helen



I would like to take a moment to formally thank you both of your assistance with my daughter, Reese Koh’s educational needs. The success that our daughter has been able to achieve on her writing skills and reading more fluently. Most importantly, the facility is extremely clean and organized, and gives a cozy environment for learning. Last but not least, your constant communication with us that helps us to understand our child improvement and well being. I believe by the end of this year, she will be ready for Primary One. Thank you once again!


— David and Eve


We enrolled our son, Bryan, in Discovery Educove since January and we are delighted with the decision. At Discovery Educove, the feedback given by the teachers at the end of each class regularly has been extremely valuable to me as a parent.


The caring nature of the teachers has enabled Bryan to be proactive and interactive in class. He is learning new skills in emotional awareness and self-expression on top of academic learning.

We would like to express our more heartfelt thank you to the Discovery Educove teachers for their dedicated guidance towards Bryan.

— Mr & Mrs Sim


Joelle has improved her writing skills after attending English lessons at Educove.


The teachers are friendly and like to crack jokes in class making the learning environment more relaxed and enjoyable. My daughter is motivated to participate in classes all the time.

We would like to thank her dedicated teachers for coaching Joelle.

— Mr & Mrs Sim


Lee Xian has always been a very dedicated teacher to our child. My child was very weak in Science and had been failing Science since Primary 5. At the end of every class, she would message me about the content she had gone through and taught me how I could reinforce my child's learning at home. Those feedback were so useful. Under her patience teaching,  my child scored a B for his Science prelims. We were all so happy. I am thankful going beyond the extra mile to help my child.


— Joyce, Parent of Jin Xian